Stepping Stone

All of our Primary and Secondary programmes support EAL students very effectively, with students making rapid and significant levels of progress. However, for some students who are perhaps new to the country and have not yet gained sufficient levels of spoken conversational language, those programmes may be too advanced.

That is why we have developed our new Stepping Stone module.

It is crucial to remember that the level of accuracy in speaking, reading and writing English often does not reflect the cognitive ability of EAL students. Their specific need, hopefully, will be temporary and with an initial high level of support they will soon be able to access mainstream classes.

Our new, highly-structured teaching module includes:

  • a baseline assessment
  • sound-to-letter correspondence activities
  • word building tasks
  • high frequency words
  • vowel digraphs
  • prefixes
  • handwriting instructions

Additional resources have also been added to our website to support this module.


How does the Stepping Stone module work?

Embedded in our teaching approach is precision teaching. We find this teaching method really accelerates student progress.

Our practices match the good teaching practices recommended in Sir Jim Rose's report of June 2009, Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties.

Our instruction enables students to recall targeted facts. We focus our teaching on their areas of need only, which have been highlighted in our baseline assessment. We ensure students see the relevance of our teaching and see evidence of their own progress so that they automatically apply it independently in class.

The Stepping Stone module was officially launched in June 2015 after successful pilots in our Licence Partnership schools.

Here are just some of the quotes we have received:


“It has definitely given me more confidence in teaching EAL students. I like the very structured approach together with the idea that there is also the room to extend.”


“I feel much more confident – I can’t wait to get started!


“I feel I learnt lots of useful information that I can use in practice and I refreshed my knowledge.”


“I would love to receive more training. The trainer was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was a fantastic session, thank you!


“I feel that I have gained more knowledge of how to work on particular aspects of language with the EAL students in my school.”


“I feel I have a lot to learn but have been given the tools to do so.”


Our EAL Stepping Stone module has been designed, in addition to our core product, for teachers to support students new to the English language who are beginning their education in an English-speaking, mainstream environment. It provides teachers with a structured programme which supports students, developing their knowledge of conversational English, basic English language structures, vocabulary, reading and spelling.


We provide a baseline assessment which enables teachers to place students onto the correct step within the module. This ensures they are able to focus attention on the specific area of need for individual students. Our training and resources have been developed in such a manner that all activities are delivered in a very fast, focused and fun way, at the same time providing a very structured approach to teaching basic skills. In addition, our website provides staff with online resources which provide both audio and visual support.


The Stepping Stone module is an ideal, practical, easy-to-follow programme, which comes complete with all resources for teachers and support staff to use with EAL students.


  • What is Sound Training's Stepping Stone module?
A highly-structured programme for supporting students new to English from KS2 upwards
  •  Who is our audience?
Classroom teachers, teaching assistants, library staff and others working with EAL students
  • What will you gain by attending the course?

Confidence when supporting EAL students

A cohesive and well-structured programme

Baseline assessment to establish appropriate entry level

All resources used throughout the training AND our on-line resources, providing both audio and visual support are designed to develop student knowledge of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, instructional language and vocabulary from across the curriculum areas

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