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Julie Bradley, Literacy TA
Glenmoor and Winton Academies

If ever you wanted to know what Sound Training could do, this is what, it makes lives, changes ... More

Samantha Satyanadhan, Assistant Principal
Weavers Academy

"If someone had told me a few years ago that there was a programme that could boost reading ... More

Jennie Hick, Vice Principal
Mounts Bay Academy

“The key thing for us is that our staff love delivering it, which means that our students love ... More

Heather Swinnerton, Assistant Principal
Hugh Christie

"As per programme expectations, we’ve seen students make great gains in reading age; last year the average was ... More

Steve Ruder, Principal
Walton County School District

"I’ll take the reading age gains, but it’s the impact on exam grades that’s mind blowing - Sound ... More

Hazel Pulley, Headteacher
Parkfield Community School

"For pupils who have participated in the programme, reading ages have increased but we have also seen vast ... More

Robert Bradley
Brynmawr School

"When we first started our conversations with Sound Training, I remember thinking that the claims of massive improvements ... More

Sarah Tomlin
Beaufort Cooperative Academy

Located in Tuffley, Gloucester, Beaufort Co-operative Academy is a rapidly improving, mixed comprehensive academy that caters for students ... More

Kevin Wyre, Deputy Headteacher
Oaks Park High School

“We are delighted with the relationship that we have with Sound Training and the investment we have made ... More

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St Aidan's Catholic School

Whilst we naturally expected them to make gains over the six weeks, we didn’t imagine the impact would be so dramatic.

Alan Herbertson, Literacy Coordinator, St Aidan's Catholic School, Sunderland

Walton County School District

If I had known what you have just taught me today I would feel so much more confident with the English Language.

Christine McCall, Literacy Coach, The Walton County School District, Florida

Leadership High School

I'm really excited about using the online resources in my classroom. The videos coupled with the testing and worksheets - I've never encountered a resource as thorough and useful and I've been looking!

Miquila Lucero, Licence Trainer, Leadership High School, San Francisco

Aston Manor School

Sound Training is brilliant. I managed to get a 'B' in English AND I am now reading books. I never did that before!

Hani, Yr 11 pupil, Aston Manor School, Birmingham

Archway School

Once a week a dyslexic Yr 9 student disappeared from my lesson to attend STfR and within three weeks I saw a difference: she had confidence, she put her hand up in class , she constantly smiled but most importantly her reading AND spelling improved. Sound Training does work magic!

Nikki Toohin, English Teacher, Archway School, Stroud

Weavers Academy

I practised my delivery of Sound Training on my eight year old daughter before delivering to our Yr 9 pupils. She has gone up from a 2b to a 3b since January.

Assistant Principal, Weavers Academy, Wellingborough

Tanfield Lea Primary School

The pupils came back to class enthused and immediately put the strategies into place.

Mr Temple, Yr 6 Teacher, Tanfield Lea Primary School, Co. Durham

Park End School

Apart from the huge impact on reading ability, Sound Training has enriched the pupils’ understanding of spoken vocabulary.

L. Dickson, Specialist Dyslexia Support Teacher, Park End School, Middlesbrough

Orchard School Bristol

One of OFSTED's key findings in our November 2015 inspection was that 'Teachers pay meticulous attention to improving pupils' literacy skills' and that 'development of pupils' key literacy skills, including reading, is impressive. Students rapidly gain the skills needed to be successful in their learning.' Undoubtedly, Sound Training plays an important part in this.

Ian Jones, School Licenced Trainer, Orchard School Bristol

Archway School

The school’s use of the year 7 catch-up funding supports pupils well, for example in improving reading. The initiative called 'Sound Training for Reading' is ensuring that students make good progress in their literacy.

Ofsted Report, 2013, Archway School, Stroud

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