In March 2015, Northumbria University carried out a piece of research which confirmed that the average reading age gain, across all abilities, after 6 hours of Sound Training was 27 months.

All data scrutinised was collected during the Spring, Summer and Autumn Terms 2014. Data from four cohorts of students undertaking the Sound Training programme in a range of schools during that period were analysed to look for trends and patterns according to their year group and chronological age at the time they took the test.

Reading ages (WRAT test) at the beginning and end of the training were used to identify progress in months.

The average gain across all cohorts, as measured by reading age, was 27 months. However there were variations within and across cohorts.


Table 1 Average progress in months according to reading age at the start of Sound Training

Data would suggest that students in Year 9 and 10 with a reading age of between 10 and 12 would benefit most significantly from the programme, as it has the potential to bring these students’ reading ages in line or above their chronological age.

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