What is Sound Training?

Beneficial for even the brightest of students, Sound Training provides individuals with the strategies they need to achieve higher results and maximise potential. Suitable for mainstream students from Year 5 -13, programmes are tailored to the appropriate Key Stage to enhance exam results and work readiness for all.

Primary education
Licence Partnership Programme

An ideal CPD opportunity for your staff and the most cost effective way to deliver Sound Training to large numbers of students.

Secondary & 6th form
Instant Impact Programme

Instantly target specific groups of pupils using our own team of qualified, experienced teachers.

English as an additional language
The Online Resource

The vocabulary builder is the most effective resource for teachers to boost subject vocabulary in the classroom, quickly and easily.

Who will benefit?

Benefits for students

Sound Training uses fast, focused and fun multi-sensory teaching methods to ensure students are fully engaged in active learning. It significantly boosts vocabulary development and literacy skills, with dramatic, sustained improvements in reading ages. Sound Training opens up access to the entire curriculum and has impacted on student overall attainments in SATs, sub levels and GCSE grades. It also has very positive effects on student confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits for teachers

Sound Training engages and prepares students for deeper learning within each subject area. As well as improved academic performance students show improved motivation and behaviour following Sound Training. The Sound Training Online Resource is a fast and effective way for subject teachers to embed Sound Training methods in their lessons to teach subject specific vocabulary. It also meets Ofsted criteria for teaching literacy across the curriculum.

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