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Destination, and also destiny, come from the Latin verb destinare - to establish, set down firmly.


de - usually means down, away, but can also mean completely, totally

stin - originally from the root sta - standing, setting up*

ate - to make into, become, put into action

tion - act, process, result


So a destiny is something that has been firmly established, and therefore your destination is the place that you are destined to go, the place you are intending to go to.







There are several prefixes that sometimes act as an intensifier - which means that you need to add the word completely or very to the main word, instead of the prefix's usual meaning:


inflammable - means very flammable, instead of 'not at all flammable' or 'flammable in something' (usual meaning of in = in, into, or in = not)


perpendicular - means completely hanging, straight down, instead of 'hanging through' (usual meaning of per = through, pend/pens = hanging)


conceive - means to completely take hold, rather than 'to take together', or 'to take with' (usual meaning of con = together, with, ceive/cept = taking)


In these words the prefix intensifies the meaning of the root, rather than adding extra meaning.


*For more vocabulary and information about the root sta, click to go to the Word of the Week: CONTRAST blog.


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